Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fuck you

Fuck you

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I got Tagged

I got tagged... lol
By Triple Tee

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?
My brother or friends will sign in and have a blast telling people how dead I am.
And leave my status on...
(Away, feeding frenzy with maggots)

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?
Sure some friends have my password and I have theirs.

Your famous nickname among your Friends?
Nigger (No I don't fidn it cool being called that), Stoner (I don't stone out)

Your age?

Your horoscope?

Your qualifications?
Uhhhh Highschool?

Your character "personality"?
Surprisingly calm and chilled... Weird eh?

What travel means to you?
Going to some place to try and find meanign in nothing.

What do you purchase?
Mints, M987 likes his mints.

Features taken from your dad
Easy going

Features taken from your mom

The most 6 things you hate-
Anything forced unto me.
Bothering myself with anything.
Anyone trying to invade my space.
Unibrows (Even if they were shaped on a girl she would still look like a caveman just give her a club on one hand and a dinaosaurs tail on the other)
Flat chested girls (DRINK MILK!)

The most 6 things you love-
My family.
Big boobs.
My sunglasses.

What computer and internet mean to you
Funny question.
What computer and internet mean to me lol.
Information I guess.

You would like to pass this tag to:-

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Worth our time?

A week ago (I think) I watched the ending bit of some movie.
It looked shit and it didn't make sense.
Then it made me think...
What if I watched the movie from the beginning and understood it all?
Would I have enjoyed it?
Would I have been satisfied watching it for 1 and a half hours instead of 5 minutues?

Then it also made me think of most people...
Should I waste my time listening to their shit or should I not bother at all?
Funny isn't it?

Next day I watched the movie and hated every fucking second of it!
Fuck you fucking people wasting my time!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


When you have nothing to live for or something and you want to end your life...
I mean come on...
Think of how much WORK it would take!

- Well I'm scared of heights so I wouldn't jump off a building.
- I also don't know how to make a noose and I'm not bothered learning.
- Pain is annoying so I don't want to slit my throat.
- There aren't any guns around here and also I can't afford one.
- I don't want to go infront of a car I might get my fav t-shirt stained with blood and I might live!
- Over dose? Hell! I don't even take panadol when I'm sick and you want me to take more than one?

I'm not depressed though.
I don't want to commit suicide.
For all you green horns out there seriously...
Don't think about why you should end your life...
Think about the hassle of ending your life!

Now go blog youselves.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Somebody told me they hate life.
Well hell!
Almost everyone told me they hate life!
I thought of it and fuck you know... I hate it too.
But then I was also remembering something a friend told me.
Something about life giving you chances.
So I thought.
And I thought.
We all say we think we are better off dead...
But fuck you know, life is a gift we fail to use properly.
Life is a gift, free will is a gift, our own choices and our own damn brain we use to think.
Fuck you know?
Right now life is a guitar... And we just have to play the right music.
We've got plenty of chances to redeem ourselves for all the mistakes we've made.

Goodluck to us.
As much as I hate you people and I don't even know you but hell...
Go blog yourselves.

Heh next post might be about "misanthropy"
Get ready losers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nonsense (blog updated thats all you fuckers)

Everyone keeps telling me to update and update and update my blog.
You retards really want to be made fun of don't you?
Well fuck you!
I didn't update my blog cause I don't give a shit about you readers and I update it when I feel like doing it.
Diary of a madman motherfuckers.

What will I be talking about today?
Human feelings?
That sounds good.

Tis funny how we humans get upset, angry, happy etc by just moving our tongue and lips.
So many different languages and some are even funny.
But not as funny as seeing you people talk which is almost seizure inducing.

Something I do not find "cool" or "hip"When I hear you people talking in slang its like a bunch've damn apes arguing over a banana.
I dont know but thats just the way I see it really.

Now now back to topic assholes.
Oh my?
You're still reading? How amusing.
You say its funny? Go fuck yourself.

So yes...
Tis funny how when when we feel something, we want more of it.
Whether it is bad or good.
When we are angry we want to be more angry, when we are sad we want to be more sad, when we feel lonely we want to stay alone etc.
Sadly all humans are like this.
To feel more secure...
Fuck you.
I'm just swearing and having a good time, I swear and I want to swear more.
Sometimes I just like to scribble (soft side)
Scribble about why you guys are such idiots...I feel for you.

Now I'm just rambling on and on about nothing...
A couple were both in bed about to get it on, but they didn't do anything so then the wife says...
"What? Can't imagine of anyone to fuck either?"

That my worms is a sick joke turned into reality.
That is when you know love dies and that your life is shit.
Depressing isn't it? (Saw it on TV)

Blog updated
Go blog yourselves!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Born yesterday, Dead tommorow

I've been having weird dreams.
In my dreams there's someone (I don't know who) guiding me to all the different places I've been too and all the different people I've met or seen.
The weird thing is I've had like 3 dreams in a row on different nights and in a way they are continuing.
I thought maybe it means that my time of death is soon and I'm saying goodbye to everyone in a way.
But today I think I got what it meant and kind of interpreted the future.

Today I met up with some old friends.
Well not really old but my cousin (old friend, same school long time ago) called me and picked me up then we went and picked up another old friend.
When we all talked I felt like a kid again, but remembering them made me feel like an old man.
The days when we were all one.
It was just like yesterday that I was playing playstation 1 with my friends and exchanging pokemon with them and causing trouble at school and doing whatever.

Well seems like I did get robbed by my youth (thanks to the kids which got me suspended etc other stuff) or time moves too fast.
Everything changes all too fast.
Now I'm at home writing this first (as you blogheads would say) normal post.

We all wish to be young forever.
But all this stuff made me realize that the past itself is just a dream.
Just yesterday I was in school throwing chalks at people and sleeping in class.
In the blink of an eye I'm 19 now getting slammed with responsibilities and shit I have to handle and take care of.

All I can say is goodbye.
Goodbye to the old times and my young self.
Tomorrow people might be crying over my dead body.